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So 2014 eh, whats the plan?

Journal Entry: Thu Mar 28, 2013, 3:39 PM

Hey guys! (to anyone who still read's my journals)

I went to Kitacon recently with my buddies. Congrats to KittyStardraco for getting your Art on the conbook darlin'  - so proud of you <3

It was so much fun and I'm pleased that we actually used the swimming pool because a lot of people don't seem to. What a waste! o.o
Here's a few video's we made over the weekend if you want a gander?

and this link is for a Yuri CMV we filmed:

the real point of this update

My plan's for 2014 go something like this:

In may for my birthday I'm finally shooting some Beyblade stuff. Rei/Mariah and Tyson/Kai (S1) with StephUzumaki :heart: At last!
I do wanna do some Bladebreakers stuff as my friend has agreed to be kenny for our group <3 *^* But we'll have to see about that as I have a lot to fit in this year.
I'm going to do (S2) Kai Hiwatari for myself - I don't even care if no one cosplays with me. I think my girlfriend want's to wear Max's (S2) outfit because she like's the design so perhaps I will make that for her.

Then BTL are going to Forest Of Dean - this time for a Naruto based shooting trip! I have so many version's of Sasuke to make I won't bore you with them. XD and I'm doing Minato as well as a fair few other little bit's and bob's to this. It's a 10 day shooting trip so there will be lots of derps, CMV's and filming crap - so nice to get back into makeing video's, My girlfriend is so talented at editing stuff together, she has a lot of patience (:

Thennnnnn. dundundun. We're probably going to hit Expo in october, one or two days as there's two thing's I want to wear. One of them remains secret and the other is DNAngel which I've planned to do with HyperLittleNori SerenityBaby and StephUzumaki  - but I'm not sure if we'll take them to expo, if we only go one day we'll take the other plan and just having a shooting/video day of DNAngel :)

We're also hoping to pop to Ireland sometime this year to see Ashla and her lovly chap -  weather we cosplay or not I dunno but I just need to see her. I still havn't visited in all the time we've been friends and she has her own house now. Long overdue </3

Should have included this with the other Beyblade stuff but My girlfriend and ONeverForEverO are planning to do Julia and Raul together - I may be cracky and do their manager....or DJ Jazzman ;D ahaha so we need to make more solid plans with that.

My girlfriend desperatly wants to do FROZEN! and since we're planning (hopefully) to go to Germany at some point this year (most probably the end, which would be better cause snow and winter) to see Ta-moe (who does Elsa) I was thinking I would make either Jack or Kristoff (I would LOVE to do Elsa as my girlfriend plan's to do Ana - and making that dress seems so much fun, but we'll see, I will probably do Elsa if we can't afford to go and we're stick here without Konni <.<' but I doubt that because we're stubborn and determined and I wanna take my girlfriend to Germany! 8D

I also would love to Acheive WICKED cosplay but that may be far fetched and too much to think about in one year >.< depend's how ambitious I feel.

We're also wanting to go Alton towers, HP Tour, Winter Wonderland for Christmas and people's birthdays oh and we're shooting HP at and around winsor castle in May too.

I think that's everything for now. Wish me luck. ._.

 *   *   *

Short Merlin Video's ;D……


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Every person has their own definition of perfect but you are mine. Don't ever waver.''
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Events/Conventions 2014~!

Other Shootings:
Tyson/Kai - S1 Beyblade 75 % complete
Rei and Mariah S1

Kai Hiwatari -Beyblade V-Force

Naruto shooting trip with BTL
Sasuke: pre-time, Taka, Shippuden, Jounin, Anbu, Young Sasuke and kigu Sasuke as well as a casual version.

AppleJack -MLP
Cain - Starfighter
Sasu/Naru all with StephUzumaki
Elphaba/Glinda - Wicked
Manatsu/Ichika -Uta Kata
Sumika/ Ushio - Sasameki Koto
Kiba - Wolfs Rain
Kashimashi group
Yoru/Ran - Sukisyo
Hatsuharu - Fruits Basket
Axel/Roxas - Sora/Riku - Kingdom Hearts
Miku (Love Ward) and various versions - Vocaloid
Kaito - Vocaloid
Misuzu/Yukito - Air
Morinaga/Souichi - Tyrant falls In Love
Yuki/Shuichi - Gravitation
Hikari/Yaya & Shizuma/Nagisa (redo) - Strawberry Panic
Karou/Hikarou - Ouran High School Host Club
Tomoyo - Clanned
Lucy - Elfen Lied
Group for DNAngel




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LaurenTheFox Jan 28, 2014  Student Artist
hai there! i love your Beyblade artwork X3
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Just a little reminder that I love you. <3
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MorgainePendragon Dec 17, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thanks so much for the fave of my latest Arthur drawing, hun! :heart: :iconarthurbbclaplz: :iconmerlinbbclaplz:
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Thanks a lot for the fave onDranzer!
There are more pix from that event on my FB-Page! Feel free to drop by and leave a like or two! :-)
Narlth Oct 24, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello! How are you?
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