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The Usual.

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This is just a general list of all the thing's I'd still like to cosplay. Some may happen in the next few month's while some may not happen for years. Bare that in mind ;D

Brendan Brady - Hollyoaks
Light Yagami - Death Note
Sumika Murasame - Sasameki Koto
Eiri Yuki - Gravitation
Yasuna Kamiizumi - Kashimashi
Homura Akemi - Puella Magi Madoka Magica (Uniform and battle)
Axel - Kingdom Hearts 2
Riku - Kingdom Hearts 2
Draco Malfoy - Remake - Harry Potter
Salazer Slytherin Founder of Hogwarts - Harry Potter
Severus Snape (Marulders era) - Harry Potter
Kai Hiwatari S3 - Remake - Beyblade
Max Tate S2 - Beyblade
Roy Mustang - Remake - FullMetal Alchemist
Hatsuharu - Fruits Basket
Hikaru Hitachin - Ouran High School Host Club
Kiba- Wolfs Rain
Eric - The Little Mermaid
Satoshi - DNAngel
Manatsu - UtaKata
Yukito -AIR TV
Red Riding Hood Miku

Hello November

Tue Nov 3, 2015, 12:31 AM
I can't beleive It's November already?! Madness. Where hs 2015 gone?
Once I hit my twenties, the year's seem to be speeding by it's rather scary, actually.

I have a month today until I visit Disneyland Paris and I'm so excited I can't even explain to you how much so! I never got to travel as a kid so this is the first time I've ever been to any Disney park. I've themed my outfit's to fit the days, cause I'm awesome like that. ;)

We booked a trip to Ireland (Dublin) and (Orlando) Florida for next year too! So I will finally get to visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter which I'm extremely excited for, as well as some amazing waterparks and Disneyworld. I've recently got myself into Pin Trading too (At 25, shuussshhh. Ok) But seriously, I have a lanyard for Harry Potter and a lanyard for the Disney parks. :heart: It dosen't take much to please me these days. I've added a travel planner to my page here because travelling is something that I'm now focusing pretty much all my time and energy on.

There will be a very small place in my life for cosplay but I'm not putting much into it anymore. I think I'm finally coming to the end of my cosplay life. Which is partly why I wanted to write this journal.
Am I finally growing up? I never thought I'd write those words. I can't play dress up forever, though. I feel like cosplay has prevented me from so much and I actually feel quite resentful towards it for having it hold me back with travelling. I should have cut it down years ago.

Obviously there will be thing's I still want to do, (there always is in regards to cosplay) and that I will still do. But it is't my main focus.

I was thinking about removing this account, eventually when I move out of london, settle down and have a family, and get married, I'm not sure I want my social media websites live anymore, that includes Deviantart and Facebook. I was talking to my parter about it and I think it's the right decision for our family. I will probably only keep Instagram for photosharing with friends and family.

That being said I'm not removing this account just yet, and I havn't concluded my decision with that.  I think it'll be around for a few more years while I'm travelling and being a kid until thing's get a bit more serious.

It's going to really be a struggle to remove my DeviantArt account I have to admit. That sound's pathetic; But, out of all my websites this one I don't want to get rid of because I've got so many memories here, and I made so many amazing friends useing this platform.
I've build up this profile for myself which I'm incredibally proud of, and as an artist It's nice to have it as a back up when I've lost my photo's in the past I've been able to come here and save them to my desktop again.
But it is something I know I'm going to have to do one day.

Thankyou as always to anyone who read's my stuff here. :heart: and for sticking with me and supporting my work. Peace.


If you're interested I make stupid silly video's over on YouTube and the occasional CMV... like this one;; (Which I'm proud off ;^;  )

Pottermore User: StrikeErised27902

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United Kingdom
Slash-Romance Writer|Costume Maker|Typical Fan~
I'm obsessive, possessive, paranoid, passionate, most of the time Impossible, a little controlling - and these are my GOOD qualitys ;) Do you want to know my bad ones??
Current Residence: United Kingdom
Yuri Obsessed|Introvert|Flag of United Kingdom by EmilyStor3British|95% queer ;) (5%reserved for Colin Morgan)
Likes: HOLLYOAKS!, Steph, Nature, Writing, Strawberry's, GREEN, Shoujo Ai, Blue Eyes, Traveling, Animals, Winter, The medieval Period, Comedy, My fanships (Beyblade, BBC Merlin, Naruto, DRAMAtical Murder, Vocaloid, Harry Potter and Glee!) Bromance/Slash, My Friends, Conventions, Honesty, and Colin Morgans cheek bones ;)
Dislikes: Falling/Being in love, Selfishness (when it's really bad at least) -.-, Extremely hot weather, People who take themselves too seriously, Detachment, Being trapt in a small space, Celery, Homophobia (prejustice in general) Animal cruelty, War.
Favourite cartoon character: Kai Hiwatari.
Personal Quote: A round table afforded no one man more importance than any other

I have a facebook page here:

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:heart: 22/01/2013 StephUzumaki

''My amazing, talented, beautiful, admirable girlfriend. Just to leave you a little cheeky message on your page to remind you of how inspirational you are to me and others and how I'm very proud to not only be at your side but to be your cosplay partner and work along side you on endless projects.
Every person has their own definition of perfect but you are mine. Don't ever waver.''
- StephUzumaki

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Thanks for dropping by.

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