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A little slice of life atm

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 5, 2014, 3:28 AM
Small edit!
Trying to raise a little money! Please read ^^

*             *              *

Where is the time going this year?

Well my cat is currently making it difficult for me to write this journal so It's not going to be very long;;;

My house is slowly getting sorted!!!! We've had quite slow progress as life has been getting in the way, we still need a few bit's of furniture (like side tables) shelves ect but we're getting there. Everything costs money and you don't realise that untill you move out.

Steph celebrated her birthday and we went to the Harry Potter tour (my second time) and I have to say the cake I had made was ace; I wanted to share it with you along with some of the photo's <3

 photo HPCAKE.jpg

 photo hptour.jpg

Warwick Davis shook my hand at the tour (I've met him before but it was a surprise to see him there) Very random! haha XD

A friend also met Tom Felton at her family's wedding and got me an autograph so that's kinda made my month! Thankyou Benny!!! :heart:

Here's a couple of recent video's from my birthday (belated link ftw)
Ideally I'd like to one day make a Bladebreakers CMV with all the characters. Hopefully later on this year or next.

and a mash-up



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  • Reading: Stendan
  • Watching: Hollyoaks ....ORLY
  • Eating: Birthday cake
  • Drinking:'s heaven in a can ;D


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Amber Holly Godden-Wood
United Kingdom

Slash-Romance Writer|Costume Maker|Typical Fan~
I'm obsessive, possessive, paranoid, passionate, most of the time Impossible, and then, I'm very controlling - and these are my GOOD qualitys ;) You want to know my bad ones??
Current Residence: United Kingdom
Yuri Obsessed|Introvert|British|95% queer ;) (5%reserved for Colin Morgan)
Likes: Steph, Nature, Writing, Strawberrys, GREEN, Shoujo Ai, Blue Eyes, Travelling, Animals, Winter, The medieval Period, Comedy, My fanships (Beyblade, BBC Merlin, Harry Potter and Glee!) Bromance/Slash, My Friends, Conventions, Honesty and Colin Morgans cheek bones ;)
Dislikes: Falling/Being in love, Selfishness (when it's really bad at least) -.-, Extremely hot weather, People who take themselves too seriously, Detachment, Being trapt in a small space, Celery, Homophobia (prejustice in general) Animal cruelty, War.
Favourite cartoon character: Kai Hiwatari.
Personal Quote: A round table afforded no one man more importance than any other

:heart: 22/01/2013 StephUzumaki Is MINE. Everyone else back off. Or I'll kill you. :rose:

''My amazing, talented, beautiful, admirable girlfriend. Just to leave you a little cheeky message on your page to remind you of how inspirational you are to me and others and how I'm very proud to not only be at your side but to be your cosplay partner and work along side you on endless projects.
Every person has their own definition of perfect but you are mine. Don't ever waver.''
- StephUzumaki


++ BPD Awareness by dimruthienIntrovert Stamp by tk-for-shortAppledash - My Big Girl by WarantoID by Yuki-Kiba-Chan

Events/Conventions/Plans 2014~!


London MCM Expo October Saturday; (Possibly)


FOD Shooting/Filming and CMV trip (Naruto)
(Sasuke: pre-time, Taka, Shippuden, Jounin, Anbu, Young Sasuke and kigu Sasuke as well as a casual version.
Minato) with my Team 7 *u*
Gauken Naruto CMV
Bladebreakers shoot/CMV
Winter TyKa (coats ;D)
Beyblade V-Force Kai
Vocaloid X-Mas to Winter wonderland
Start Secret cosplay

Plans in general I want to do:

Krad/Satoshi/Daisuke/Dark - DNAngel (group with friends)
Cain and Abel - Starfighter (leatherrrr
Aoba/Noiz/Koujaku (DRAMAtical Murder)
AppleJack/Rainbowdash -MLP
Steampunk Sasuke
Gaara - Naruto Shippuden
Elphaba/Glinda - Wicked
Manatsu/Ichika -Uta Kata
Sumika/ Ushio - Sasameki Koto
Kiba and Cheza - Wolfs Rain
Kashimashi group
Yoru/Ran/Matsuri - Sukisyo
Hatsuharu/Yuki - Fruits Basket
Axel/Roxas - Sora/Riku - Kingdom Hearts
Miku - Various versions - Vocaloid (Love ward, Christmas, main costume)
Kaito - Vocaloid
Misuzu/Yukito - Air
Morinaga/Souichi - Tyrant falls In Love
Light/L/Misa - Death Note
Yuki/Shuichi - Gravitation
Karou/Hikarou - Ouran High School Host Club
Lucy/Kouta - Elfen Lied
Arthur Pendragon as a Girl - BBC Merlin dress Own Design.




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